With dignity

The funeral ceremony for many people in our country is one of the most important in life. It can be said that this is a theatrical representation, and even premiere, because it takes place only once.
The ceremony is important for the participants, so the use of an elegant funeral elevator enriches and adds seriousness, dignity.
Imagine a survey addressed to the close of the deceased. One of the questions is as follows: “Would you like the funeral elevator to be used at the funeral?”
Probably the vast majority of people, if not all, would say yes. Of course, assuming they know what a funeral elevator is. Many people associate this device only with American films.
And for many years it is also available in Poland. But let’s go back to the merits.
The Moment of leaving the coffers to the tomb is one of the most difficult families, if not the most difficult, throughout the funeral.
Traditional burial on ropes looks little professional, adds unnecessary drama, carries the risk of unpleasant situations.
The use of a funeral elevator relieves these difficult moments, gives them more peace, toning and proper seriousness.
The device leaves the coffin on special belts, and this is done at a constant speed, regardless of the weight of the coffin.

Use and use of the funeral elevator

We recommend transporting the elevator in a reinforced base. The minimum dimension in the dried state is 150cm x 100cm.
It takes just 2 minutes to stretch the elevator to the correct size on the grave. If you set the lift on the bases it will take us 3 minutes.
The use of the elevator is extremely simple. Just release the brake and the mechanism will move. The force of gravity is used. And that doesn’t stop working suddenly!
The belts on which the coffin is placed are made of durable material, adapted to considerable loads. All the elegant, carefully sewn velvet anchors are available in three colours.
The modular design of the device makes it unproblematic to disassemble and assemble.
We offer dedicated covers, which facilitate the transport of the elevator and protect the individual components from dirt or mechanical damage.

Funeral Elevator Standard

Nowadays, in our country, the American funeral elevator has been making other devices and becomes the standard for professional funeral establishments.
Our intermediate goal is to provide people with mourning a maximum sense of comfort. Although our offer is directed to funeral establishments, we know the importance of the worthy ceremony.
We make every effort to ensure that the funeral with the use of the funeral elevator becomes a standard in the future.
We are a modern European state.
I guess nobody imagined that instead of being in the croughs the deceased would be buried in a messy crate, and the cemetery, instead of an exclusive caravan,
The old car?
So is the funeral canon that is currently in force not to enter the funeral elevator as well?
The answer arises itself.

What is the frigid Fluid funeral lift?

The size of the lift after the slide is only 1m x 1.5 m;
The elevator is suitable for lowering the maximum dimensions of 2, 25m x 1, 25m;
The coffers are lowered at a constant speed, regardless of the weight (up to 360 kg) type Imperial;
The basic version weighs only 49 kg;
The elevator supports both standard and deep-sea graves;
Possibility of sewing the anchors under individual order of the customer;
We provide the product with an annual warranty and service (warranty and post-warranty).
A very important feature of the frigid Fluid production lifts is its simplicity in operation. Two people will set it up and prepare for the funeral ceremony in a few minutes.
Original. Best.
Frigid Fluid has revolutionised the funeral industry when he introduced his funeral elevator to sales in 1918. The success of the product did not cause the company to rest on its laup. Frigid Fluid employees have continually refined the original model, adding new features and using better materials and increasingly sophisticated technology. The elevator is still manufactured and manually assembled at a factory in Northlake, Illinois.
Features of all frigid Fluid funeral Lifts
Sealed, self-lubricating bearings;
Mechanisms made of high-quality hardened steel and bronze;
High quality stainless steel tubing (ISO-9001);
Sturdy aluminium, polished heads, safe housing for all moving parts;
Custom, hand-crafted regulator to maintain constant speed;
Adjustable braking system with variable number of lowering speed;
Chrome-plated brake for easy lowering of the cased;
Quiet, durable design;
1 year warranty on parts and operation of the appliance.